My Seventeen-Year Old Self

Mark and I started our first band back in high school. There were a few things that really fired us up to do this. In no real order they were:

- Pearl Jam's "Ten" album
- one of Jars of Clay's first shows, while they were still in college, at Agape 94. They were barely older than us, and they played at like 9 am. We thought "we could do that."
- The Prayer Chain's "Mercury" album
- early 90's U2 and Toad the Wet Sprocket on the radio (though we had yet to really know the bands)

So we devoured those bands records, poring over liner notes to see who played what lick, who wrote which lyric. It was an exciting time, coming alive to not only hearing music but starting to learn the world in which it was made.

Well today I was working at Sputnik, as usual, and Jars of Clay was in the other room working on a seriously killer new record. It's so good I'm sort of depressed. It's a constant reminder of how far I still have to grow.

Over in my room I was playing guitar for a project Steve Hindalong and Marc Byrd are producing. Steve was in The Choir, another of my all-time favorite bands since high school. Their album "CircleSlide" will always take me right back to my senior year. I listened to that thing so many times. I know exactly where every random cymbal hits in the long jam outro of "Restore My Soul". Steve also produced that Prayer Chain album. And he called me to play guitar today.

My seventeen-year old self would literally not believe a day like this could be possible. My twenty-nine year old self tried to act like he's not still that seventeen-year old on the inside and just play it cool. I doubt I pulled it off.

Who cares.

It was a freaking awesome day.