peaceful as a hurricane's eye

Well, if all things go according to plan I'll have printed CD versions of Letters to the Editor, Vols. I & II by the Christmas tour. There will be a couple bonus tracks as well. I'm hoping that this will enable people to give them as gifts, and to support in a more tangible way. Also, some folks don't like the whole "computer downloading" thing and would rather just buy a cd at the show. I was going to do vinyl but it was just far too expensive/involved for what I could do now. Hopefully it will still happen in the future.

I've been crazy busy this past two weeks. I was working on three or four records and they all needed to be finished in time to be ready for Christmas. I was producing/mixing all of them and then working other sessions in the midst, and barely sleeping. And now it's done. Well, except for one. A record that Vance is mixing for me got screwed up and half the files disappeared when he opened the sessions. Not good. I was able to find everything on another drive but one background vocal. So Alison gets to sing again today! Other than that, I'm basically done working this year, with the exception of the Christmas tour. Crazy.

I'm playing two shows tonight in Nashville that I'm really excited about. At 6:30 I'll be at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. It's my first time playing there, which is nuts, but the show is sold out. They never pre-sell the bar or a row of pews at the back of the row, though, so you might still be able to get in. Matthew Perryman Jones and Lizza Connor will be in the round there with me.

Then at 11 I'm playing at Windows on the Cumberland with Kenny Meeks as a part of the Southern Soulmasters. Kenny is a local guitar hero/southern gentleman and he's put together a killer band. I'll be breaking out the Fenders (guitars and amp) and putting on my blues hat. I can't wait.

Saturday Jason is helping me tile a bathroom floor and we'll leave Monday to spend Thanksgiving in North Carolina. Also, right now, Tigo is taking Dora and Boots to the volcano, rapido, and that means I need to wrap this up. I've got the day off and my presence as a prince/dancing partner/referee is soon to be needed. These are good days. See you soon.