It's Monday morning. The Fed has given away 3 times what they asked for (over 2 trillion dollars) and won't tell us to whom, and I'm watching The Little Mermaid with my girls (fast forwarding the Ursula parts...)

I went with Nick Flora to play a couple shows in Arkansas. They were both fun and the people we spent our time with were wonderful. I haven't had that much fun on the road in a good while.

Then I headed down to Dallas to play a Caedmon's show. The band Poor Rick Folk opened and did a great job. I played some guitar on their latest record and it was fun to see them live. They have since added a keyboard player and another guitar player and their set had a much bigger sound than I expected. It was good to see them.

This week I'll be playing a bit more guitar on Eric Peters' new record, but mainly I'll just be mixing a Christmas EP for Jonny Diaz, which is so far turning out great.

By the way, does anybody have a MacBook they're looking to sell, or can hook us up with a deal? We want to get one for Alison so I can videochat with the girls while I'm on the road all December. Thanks.

Well, that's about it for me. Sorry it's just a play-by-play today. More soon. Happy Monday.