Sweet Justice

I went for a nice run this morning. Usually I only get to go at night, but this morning it worked out, and it was wonderful. The leaves here in Tennessee have just started changing, and it's that barely-rainy-slightly-overcast type of day that's just gorgeous.

As I was running the song "Sure Don't Feel Like Love" from Paul Simon's Surprise record came up. There's a line in the first verse that I had never understood, and neither had Cason or Jason Gray as we discussed this record the other night on Andy P's bus. And today I got it, it's so simple I just didn't see it.

I registered to vote today
felt like a fool
had to do it anyway
down at the high school
the thing about the second line
"felt like a fool"
you know, people say it all the time
even though it's true...

By "the second line" he means the second line of the song. Duh. Brilliant. Again, this is the best record of the past few years. Buy it.

Speaking of good records the past few years and buying them, I just did an interview with Russ Ramsey over at the Rabbit Room about free music and what it actually costs. Love to know your thoughts, here or there.

And finally, for those of you who say there's no justice anymore...