Doing Our Homework

Every city has a better restaurant than Chili's, The Olive Garden or McDonald's.  Who knows about it?  The people who live there.  There might be a better hardware store, record shop, or place to get your car fixed, but you'll never know it.

Unless you do your homework.  Ask around.  Google.  See what else is out there.  Give them a try.  You may find that thing that is better.  And then you'll want to support it.  One conversation, one dollar, one choice to go here and not there.  These are our simple votes against the landscape of our domination.

I'm ashamed to say I just started doing my homework tonight, with 14 days to go before the Presidential election.  I want to help you do yours.  Let's all take half an hour tonight and spend five minutes on each of these sites.  Read their stances on the issues.  Find someone you might be able to vote FOR, something besides the lesser of two evils.  It's not a wasted vote if you can sleep well for casting it. 

These people won't win, not this year, but they're each trying to make this country a better place.  For that we owe them five minutes of our time to hear what they have to say.  There are more than two people running for President, so let's do our homework.  You may be surprised.  (I was.)

Ralph Nader

Chuck Baldwin

Bob Barr

Alan Keyes

Cynthia Ann McKinney

Are there others we need to know about?