I Told You So

So I posed a question yesterday which got some very interesting, poignant and startling answers.  I was going to put in my two cents but I took NyQuil before I started typing and realized I was making no sense.  And I just took some more tonight, so I'll postpone entering that discussion until a later date.


This week I'm having to learn a bunch of new songs.  I'm playing with Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame Sunday night at 12th and Porter.  They're each releasing new projects this week and I'm excited to get to play on such wonderful tunes.  This is the best stuff Randall has done yet, I think.  You can't really make that statement about the guy who did The Far Country and Love and Thunder but Andy P's new stuff is just as good.  Which means it's amazing.  I'll be doing a short set that night as well.  But between learning and rehearsing twenty new songs and the day job at the studio, I've been a little busy.


Yesterday I took a day off, intending on being with the girls and helping Alison out, but I got really sick and laid a little more low than anticipated.  Today I felt just as bad, but you've just got to get back to work, you know.  I think it's gotten a little better tonight, though.


Anyway, yesterday I was cleaning a bit and I found the cover for a mix tape that my friend Matthew Smith made for me a decade ago.  He lived directly across the dorm hall from me, three years before we found out we were cousins and before either of us had careers in music.  I always dogged the music he liked (if it wasn't Toad, Pearl Jam or Sixpence) and he made this tape to try to convince me that these artists were good.


Matthew, you may now leave a comment stating "I told you so*."



*except for Vertical Horizon.  You're still wrong on that one.