Well, I think there were a couple winners in the t-shirt contest. Numbers 1 and 6 seemed to take the cake, and will be printed up shortly. Thanks for sending them in and for voting!

Just think: Very soon you will be able to own your very own piece of interWeb-inspired soft, cotton-y, wearable goodness, all thanks to you and your hard work checking in here every couple of days.

So I've been working like mad on a secret project this week. And it's been fun. I wish I could tell you how fun, but then it wouldn't be a secret and XXXX would kick me XXX XX XXX XXXX and then I'd never get to tell you about XXX XXXXX and XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX. But soon, and very soon, I promise you. And I think you'll like it. Especially X XXXXX XXXX XX XX XXX. (and XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX.)

(Note: The previous paragraph has been monitored and edited, to keep you safe, by XXXX and XXXX. Our apologies.)

Today I got to do something wonderful. The illustrious Ben Shive came to the studio, and old pal Cason came by a bit later, and I got to play guitar on some of Ben's songs. I've told you, and him, for years that his record will be my favorite record of the year, whatever year it actually gets finished in. I feel like I practice and work and do all the things that aren't fun so that I get to spend a few days a year working on music this good. It is all worth it.

I pretty much only played through the Leslie today, too, which was super fun. (For those of you who don't know, the Leslie is the rotating speaker you usually hear an organ through.) There are a lot of pedals and computer plug-ins that simulate this sound, but at Sputnik today we fired up the real one, Coles ribbon mics in stereo on the low horn and a Korby FET on the top and: Shazam! What a glorious sound.

Enough nerd talk.

Actually, enough talk of any sort. I have to go pick up dinner. See you later.