I have all the answers

I've taken the last few days to lay low and hang out with the girls. It's been great. Friday was Alison and my 5th wedding anniversary. Very cool.

Also on Friday, I got some staples and assorted other goodies removed from my neck. Good reports: All is well. The lump was totally benign and I don't have to go back in for any more checkups. Thanks for your continued prayers and e-mails. They meant more than you can know.

Anyway, long story short, and because I have a two-year old, Friday night I ended up in a very fancy restaurant with a Curious George band-aid on my neck just barely covered by the collar on my shirt. What can I say? I'm just a classy guy.

Normally, a few days with the family would involve a lot of playing outside, but I'm still recovering from the surgery AND it's freaking hot outside. Too hot, actually, for human life to exist. I'm fairly certain.

SO we stayed inside. And I looked at a lot of gear on the internet. My favorite three eHaunts were G&L guitars, Cascade Microphones (I bought a "FatHead"), and Karma mics.

I also watched the movie Serenity, which was the major motion picture finale to the series "Firefly" that I watched while I was laid up last weekend. I've decided that I wish more shows, at least the action/adventure/mystery type, would get cancelled early on, and then get the chance to make a movie. "Alias" was good, then it got awful. "LOST" has teetered. I've heard that "X-Files" was that way, too.

I think that TV shows that build up their own mythology can be so awesome, but it's easy for them to crash under their own weight. With "Firefly" they had just enough to get the questions going, though one more season would have made it better, then they got the time and money to sew it all up and with big special effects and the ability to kill off major characters. Win-win.

Well, at least Win for the audience. Not so much the actors and writers and crew. But we get closure without the convolution. "Heroes" should do this. One more season then a movie.

Trust me, people. I'm in Caedmon's Call; I'm always right.

And "Freaks and Geeks" should just come back on for ten more years.