on the way to Houston

Many thanks to the Akron, OH airport for finally giving a brother an internet connection. It's 5:40 am and we're on our way to Houston for tonight's show...

(and then I was informed we were boarding and I had to get on a plane. We got to Houston, grabbed some burgers and are now setting up for the show...)

AND.... there's internet here as well. Whew. I'm checking my email for the first time in a few days.

Last night's show was... interesting. It was an outdoor festival, and it rained a number of times throughout the day. During soundcheck the rain was blowing in sideways across the stage and we all ended up under tarps, trying to protect drums, lights and amps. To little success. Here are a few camera phone pics...

Aaron Sands and Garett's head


Harold, our sound guy

The day was pretty awful, to be honest, we were all super tired and the weather was nasty and nothing on the stage seemed to work right, audio-wise. But the show was a blast. An absolutely great time. The crowd was soaking wet, so was my pedalboard, and they were just excited to be there and they got into it. I just had so much fun. So thanks to everybody who stuck it out and waited for us.

I'll be updating a lot this week, if possible. It's release week (meaning the record comes out this Tuesday) and we'll be all over Texas doing EARLY morning radio shows like crazy. I don't plan on sleeping very much. But I'll probably play "There is a Reason" 800 times. And hopefully we'll achieve the band goal, which is of course to see "Superbad".

Jeff Miller, our occasional bass player, is leaning over my shoulder and he says "hi".

All right, we're going to run over some songs for tonight's show, so I'm going to go. One last phone pic before I leave. Here are my daughters Ella and Sadie looking at fish at the zoo. Sadie can't walk, but she can't stand up while holding stuff, and she LOVED leaning against the glass watching the fish. Good times...