FREE New Caedmon's tune

Good news, all ye who have been listening to my ramblings about working on the new Caedmon's record without ever getting to hear a bit of it! You can download a free song for the next few days RIGHT HERE. (You have to register and acknowledge that you got a confirmation email from them, but it will probably go straight to your junkmail, so don't worry...)

The song is called "Expectations" and I hope you like it. It's one of mine. Randall helped me write it and it is, by far, the furthest from the traditional Caedmon's Call the band will probably ever get. And I think you'll agree it fits very well.

The main guitar parts are actually my demo for the song, recorded with the same setup as the Letters EP. We built the rest of the tracks around those few, scarce parts. Also, this is the song my Dad played trumpet on. My trombone is on there too, and the horns are all running through my guitar rig.


Because we can, because we can...

But I really like the song and was very glad the band believed in it enough to put it on the record. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think...

(Also, thanks for your patience while I'm not back to my usual blog-crazy self. I've been working sessions in the day, coming home to be with the girls and then crashing in pain until I sleep about the next minute. This recovery is taking a bit longer than I expected...)