why not? (a contest in haiku)

I joked yesterday about having a haiku contest. A few folks responded that they were looking forward to it. Well, let's give them what they want.

A haiku, just so you know, is a short poem, consisting of three lines. The first has five syllables, the second has seven, the last has five. At least, I'm pretty sure. Let me go look it up...

(time passes...)

Yup. I was right. Rosie, however, is wrong. That is not haiku. She will not win this contest.

So here's the contest. Best haiku wins. Leave them as comments. DO NOT EMAIL THEM TO ME! Why? Because we will vote later in the week. So your haiku must be visible, and to be visible it must be in the comments section.

So write your awesome haiku, it can be about anything, though it would be better if it was about me, and leave it as a comment. Let's say on Thursday we'll start nominations. Then by Saturday, we'll have some finalists. And then the vote. This will rule. Winner will get a cd of mine of their choosing.

I'll close with a couple examples:

tonight we rehearsed
my throat is now all beat up
long live rock and roll

Tuesday is my show
12th and Porter is the place
so glad you're coming

(subtle hints for tomorrow's show)

O Insomnia,
what must I have done to you
to receive such wrath?

and finally...

if I was a dart
would you tape across my board
a picture of Clay?

Wordsmiths, grab your pens! Poets, your paper! Wow us with your brilliance! Dazzle us with your wittiness! Let the haiku contest begin!!!!