Get a Goat?

I know, I know. An odd thing to see on a Monday morning, eh? Well, from now until Tuesday at midnight, some of the bloggers involved in the 40Day Fast are trying to help raise money, through WorldVision, to help and buy goats for families in need. "A goat nourishes a family with fresh milk, cheese, and yogurt, and can offer a much-needed income boost by providing offspring and extra dairy products for sale at the market. " So click on the above link if you want to help out with five or ten bucks today.

In other news, thanks to all of you who have prayed for me and sent encouraging notes this weekend. I'm still a bit woozy and I have a really cool neck bandage, so I'm not spending much time on the computer, but your support has been awesome. Although, I'm sure my wife and family needed it more. They weren't the ones that got to sleep all weekend.

I Did finish Harry Potter. It was excellent. I also watched a bulk of the episodes of a show called Firefly, which a lot of you had suggested. It, too, is great. It's a weird cross between sci-fi and western. I attempted to explain it to Alison to which she replied: "Do they time travel on a saddle?" Ah, if only...

And unfortunately, I can't time travel either, and I have to go back to work. My session today should be a little shorter, though, so that will be nice. Pray I make it all the way through! Thanks guys, and again, if you have a minute and a few bucks, let's try and help out those less fortunate today.