A clear issue of black and white (and red)

Q: Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge or the pantry?

A: You put it in the fridge. However, you are wrong.

Probably eight years ago, when Cason and I were roommates, we got to talking about ketchup. Both of our mothers kept it in the fridge, so we did too. We realized that it never tasted as good at home as it did in a restaurant. Because it's not cold. It's room-temperature. Doesn't put cold all over the hot of your burger or your fries. Very important.

We worried that maybe something was amiss. Stuff like ketchup is supposed to be refrigerated, right? It didn't say anything on the bottle. So Cason called Heinz. No lie. He picked up the phone, dialed the 800-number he saw on the back and pushed buttons until he got somebody.

"Hi, am I supposed to keep my ketchup in the fridge?"

"No. You can, but you don't have to."

And our lives were changed forever. Farewell heat-lessening tomatage!! I will never keep you in the fridge again.

Your thoughts??