Last September I wrote this piece about a weird lump I felt in my shoulder. Long story short, I have some swollen lymph nodes that, as of last September anyway, aren't cancer, but aren't good. Tomorrow (Friday) morning I'm getting them taken out.

They say it's routine, and it's an outpatient thing, but that it will be fairly invasive and that I'll be out of commission for a few days. To be honest, I'm kind of excited. I haven't started reading Harry yet, been saving it for this weekend (but I'll probably get a running start tonight...) It will be the first real three days in a row I've had off in well over a year. Throw in some pain medicine and the in-laws in town to help out with the kids and I'm sold.

But I would really appreciate your prayers. I'm not nervous or worried yet, but I know I will be by the time I'm back in a hospital and stuff's getting hooked up to me. They'll be running all the tests on what they get out, as well, so I'm really hoping it still comes back ok.

You guys have been so amazing to me and my family and my friends over the past few years, and I already appreciate your support tomorrow. Thanks guys.