Tastes like school

I've been set up over at Sputnik studios for a month or so now, and it has flown by. It has been so great to have a place to work and to be around other folks who do what I do.

I'm the youngest of the three guys that work over there by a good decade or so and I obviously have the least amount of knowledge, skill and experience. I feel like it's an amazing time in my life to be there, though. I'm just smart enough to know that I don't know much, and I'm surrounded by a couple of great guys who are constantly showing me new things.

The gear collection there is pretty fantastic and I'm able to use pieces I've only seen or read about before. Actually, a lot of them have been used ON me before, as I played and sang, but never BY me. It's amazing to hear the differences between this mic and that, this pre amp and that pre amp. I would have gone to college if it was like this.

It's kind of nuts because I feel my recordings are getting exponentially better daily, which means I already regret decisions I made last week on the project I'm doing right now. Not that they were bad, just that now I know better about one little aspect of something. But it's exciting to hear such a quick change in what I'm doing. And it inspires so much creativity. To be able to really hear and understand what you're doing allows you so much more room to paint.

I'm hoping I'll still be able to work here by the time I start a new record. I can't imagine a better environment to find the right melodies, the grooves that feel just right. I want my music to feel as big as the sky above the ocean, and maybe I am where I am right now to learn how to do just that.