Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1

This is an acoustic EP I recorded in the early Summer of 2007. All the songs are written from ideas submitted by fans and supporters of my music. The download contains the six MP3's and a PDF "virtual booklet" with the lyrics, credits and all sorts of other information.

To keep the community aspect of this recording going instead of a strictly buying and selling relationship I wanted to try something different. I'm going to allow the EP to be downloaded free and leave paying for it up to you.

On iTunes six songs sells for 6 bucks, so that will be the suggested price (or donation). If you feel you want to pay that, go for it. If you want to hear the tunes but you're just plain broke, go ahead and download it and enjoy. If you feel like chipping in a little extra to cover folks who pay less, or just out of the goodness of your heart, that would be very appreciated as well.

This is the heart of independent music. You guys support me to keep making art that means something to us all as a community. Thanks for letting me do this.

Click the photo to begin download.