Can't deny ya, Sanjaya

So I'm constantly getting e-mails like this:

"Andy, you are so cool. I love reading your blog cause you're always doing such awesomely deep and inspiring things. Like that time you went to see the American Idol tour for Alison's birthday.

With love,

xxxxxx (name withheld for privacy)"

Oh wait, I haven't gotten that exact letter yet, because I'm just now writing about how I took Alison to see the American Idol tour tonight for her birthday. Here's proof...

I took that picture. That's Sanjaya.

It was awesome. A three-hour karaoke concert. They kept trying to prove that the "Idols" were actually deserving of the stage, so most of them "played" instruments. Bad choice. Awesomely bad. The winner girl, she had a good voice but I dubbed her "blandular", actually sat on a stool and played acoustic guitar and sang that "who will say-ee-ave your soul" Jewel song. It was the largest open-mic coffeehouse I've ever been to.

And I'm pretty sure that the sound guy got the gig by winning some contest, too. It was quite easily the loudest and worst-sounding musical event I've ever witnessed. And that is saying A LOT. I could see the sound board from where we were sitting. The system was overloaded and clipping and distorting the whole time. I could see the meters turning red from 40 yards away. Amazing. We had to stuff napkins in our ears. Anyway...

The powers that be were quite obviously trying to sell us on this guy named Blake. I think that was his name. He was actually pretty good. I could see him putting on a good show of his own. And the hometown girl, Melinda Doolitttle, really did steal the show. She's flat-out amazing. We went to the same college, so we were rooting for her when the show was on. Girl killed it. One of the best singers I've ever heard.

I also have two minutes of pretty incredible Sanjaya footage thanks to the new camera. That kid is hilarious. He makes Clay Aiken look normal. In a "we're both creepy" sort of way.

So yeah, that was my night. How was yours?