Hey!!! Look at these pictures and leave me an awesome comment!!!

Caleb Chancey was at last Saturday's show where I played guitar for Matthew Perryman Jones and Emily Deloach. He's a great, young photographer from Alabama and he took some pretty amazing shots.

As you can see, most of Matthew's set was in color, all of Emily's was in black and white...

Yeah, it was a pretty great show. I'd say it was one of the best shows I've been a part of in Nashville in quite some time.

Here you can find more pictures from Matthew's show and more from Emily's show.

In other news, our family camera stopped working when it wasn't plugged into the wall a couple weeks ago. That just doesn't work with the tinies, so we bit the bullet and scoured the internet for a deal. Ol' overstock.com sent us a nice, new camera today that actually takes a clear picture within a second of pushing the button. Two other things that didn't work on the old one. Here was one of tonight's test shots...

And finally, here was my set list from Sunday morning when I led songs for the little kids at church.