That's SIR Scary Spice to you...

As if the breakup of the Spice Girls wasn't enough, England just keeps ruining the world for the rest of us. Their latest outrage? They have bestowed upon Mr. Salman Rushdie the hono(u)r of knighthood.

Now this has got the Muslim extremists all riled up.


Mr. Rushdie, sorry, Sir Rushdie wrote a book twenty years or so ago called The Satanic Verses. In it a prophet, based on Muhammed, is led astray by Satan. Also, two people fall out of an airplane and one sprouts horns and the other gets a halo. The guy with horns gets very bad breath and the guy with the halo becomes a movie star. I know. I've read it twice.

It's a great book, actually. At least I think it is. I was intrigued enough to read it again. But the truth is, I didn't understand it. I asked my Indian friends, a few of them are brilliant and love literature, and they couldn't explain it to me. They told me why Islamic fundamentalists hated it, though. It allegedly disgraced the prophet.

After the book initially came out a Fatwa was called upon Sir Rushdie. The writing of his book was worthy of the death sentence. It seems time healed a few wounds, though, and nobody killed him and he started popping up at U2 shows, Live8 concerts and in Bridget Jones' movies. Now that he's a knight the controversy is stirred again.

It all reminds me of Christians and Harry Potter (or Bart Simpson or Walt Disney) or any of the other things my faith has allegedly condemned. I seem to remember most of the people who hated Harry had never read him. Of course they hadn't. Everybody likes Harry once you've read him. The books are amazing. And they tell truth. They're more Gospel than Left Behind, but that's another post.

The point is: People tend to follow the loudest voice and often that voice is the loudmouth who takes things too far. That's how he gets attention.

And just like Harry, I wonder how many of the people crying for Rushdie to die have read the book. And if they read it, I wonder how many of them understand it? (If they do, can they explain it to me? Especially the butterfly girl part?)

And so I feel bad for most Islamic/Muslim people today. They're getting the bad rap I feel I usually get. The media uses the word "extremists", which implies Osama Bin Laden and Pat Robertson, but the word in front of it, whether Christian or Islamic, bares the brunt of it.

Sir Rushdie, I think you write good books. I LOVED Midnight Children and East, West. I hope they don't kill you and I hope you can help be a part of bringing about peace. I know you think it's possible. That's the one thing I understood from your book.