The Velvet Eaglet

I just got back from Mitch's birthday party. Good times. I tell you what, that Steve Mason knows how to throw a dance party. Anywhooo... I've been down in my basement quite a bit these past few days, working on overdubs for the Caedmon's Call record. I haven't shown much of it since I got rid of the big studio, so I thought I'd give a little "photo tour" of where I'm spending the bulk of my days right now.

Here's the main work area...

some guitars...

some more guitars...

My little amp closet. I built this space so I can make some noise and not wake the babies. Rock and roll, huh? From Left to Right there's the Visual Sound Workhorse Pony, the BadCat Cub 2 and a funky little $75 Univox that's possibly the best sounding amp I own. (And those are boxes of Coming to Life propping up the amps. Gotta get some use of them, you know?)

Mitch, the birthday boy, loaned me this gorgeous piece of lusciosness for my vocals. It's an old Neumann M269. I don't really know what that means, but I know it sounds amazing.

Yours truly singing a tune. I found back in the Normals days that I often sing better when holding a guitar. I'm more used to it, I guess, and so I get a more natural performance. At least, that's what I tell myself.

That piece on top is another gorgeous loaner. Presonus sent me their ADL600 preamp to use for a few weeks. It sounds amazing and is one more reason I love this job.

Yes, I used a timer.

Well, that's about it for me today. I have to get up in five hours to catch a flight for our Caedmon's show in Florida somewhere. Hope you all have a great weekend.