Pop Quiz!!

Jack Kerouac bores most people. That's a fact. I know, because I just made it up. I also know that everybody loves math. SO, instead of recounting this past weekend On the Road-style, I'll do it as math problems. This really may not work at all...

Problem #1

Long flights
+ tiny plane

Long flights
+ midwest airlines
(carry the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies)

Problem #2

The Foundry
x 2 (second time this month)
+ a band
long guitar solos

Problem #3A

Story Problem: Two men are driving in a rental car from McPherson, KS to Omaha, NE. They are tired and want to hang out with their friends Ben and Crystal a bit more, so they stop at their house in Lincoln on the way. They decide to spend the night there. If the first man oversleeps 22 minutes, will they still make it to the first-ever service of newly founded City Church, Omaha?

Yes. Because they will speed.

Problem #3B

Story problem: Andy and Nick's flight leaves Omaha at 1:30 PM. They need to get there an hour early. They also need to return a rental car. At noon they are listening to wonderful preaching at the first-ever service of City Church, Omaha. Once the preaching is done Andy must get up and sing a song, wait for a benediction, then rush out to drive 15 minutes to the airport. If Andy and Nick can sprint 3/4 of a mile and there's no line at security, how many "love, love, love" phrases should Andy cut out of the song After the Last Tear Falls?


Problem #4

If McPherson, KS is proportional to the y-axis of Cason Cooley's hometown (Wichita), and the playing of the song The Best I Can in his honor during the radius of his honeymoon is 4, are the skies that cover Kansas more or less stubbornly gorgeous during the evenings drive?


Problem #5

4 - 2 (x + 6) = grateful for a good hang on a long drive.

x = Nick Flora


x surprising number of local pizza places
+ sleeping in, then watching Blades of Glory
/ great evening at the Foundry
pretty killer Friday

Thanks again to everybody for the great weekend. If you have any photos or stories, please pass them along. Or any other math problems.

In fact, please send me math problems. I think that would be awesome. You will be graded on creativity. The best problem will be put up on the chalk board for the whole class tomorrow night.