In a van in North Carolina

I’m sitting here in Andrew Peterson’s eternally borrowed 15-passenger van with a pretty great crew of friends. Paul’s driving, Cason’s riding shotgun and reading a book about The Band. We’re listening to the Arcade Fire’s new record, Neon Bible, which is easily one of the best records I’ve heard in the past few years. It’s like Roger Waters singing Springsteen songs, sort of. I just love it.

Last night’s show was pertty good. For a first show we didn’t have too many bumps and no trainwrecks, so we’ll consider that a success. It was a large room and we were on in-ears, so we had to work extra hard to feel like we were playing together and to feel that there were people into it. The crowd was really great, except for one guy, and I got to chat with some cool folks afterwards.

We’re pulling into the venue for tonight’s show right now, so I’ll go ahead and post this. If anybody has any pictures of any of these shows, please send them and I’ll post them. I’ll write more after the show tonight.