I have a gift

Well, I like to think I do anyway. Some people are great at making money. Some people can build things with their hands or speak in front of large crowds. Some are good at getting cheap gear and naming people's recording studios. I'm the latter.

I don't want to brag, but Paul Eckberg's studio? The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Paul? That was mine. The Velvet Eagle? Obviously. And who can forget Abbey Road?

Well, my friend Jeff Pardo, a phenomenal keyboard player and young producer, has put a great, little place together. He invited me over to see it and he recorded me singing lead on one of the new Caedmon's tunes. It turned out fantastic.

It seems that Dear Mr. Pardo is having trouble naming his place, so obviously, he turned to me. Before giving him my final suggestion we thought it would be fun to put up a couple pictures of the place, tell you a tiny bit about Jeff, and then let you vote on the four names I've come up with. The winning name will be my submission. Vote by replying in the comments.

Ok, Jeff has the obligatory MySpace page right here. You can hear some of the stuff he's worked on and read a bit about him. He's from the suburbs of Chicago. He likes baseball and thinks the Cubs have a chance every year. He loves Billy Joel, Star Trek and long walks on the beach. And penguins. Dude loves penguins. I don't think its healthy. And again, he can play piano like a madman, and he makes great faces doing it.

The studio is in a detached garage behind his house in East Nashville.





Here are the potential names. I will both provide the names and, in true Spelling Bee fashion, use them in a sentence.

A) Mr. Potter's

-- "I've got a session over at Mr. Potter's."

B) Kid n' Play's "House Pardo IV"

-- "Dude, have you seen "House Pardo IV yet? Vanilla Ice is in it!"

C) I'm a Doctor, Not a Studio

-- "Honey, I'm just going to swing by I'm a Doctor for a couple minutes on my way home."


-- Recorded at I'm a Doctor, Not a Studio and The Velvet Eagle.

D) The Penguin

-- Pardo's getting some great sounds over at The Penguin.

BONUS POINTS: available to anyone who can successfully change the word "field" to something similar sounding, and clever, to fit in "Wrigley ____". Also available to anyone who can tell us the name of Danny Devito's lair in that Batman movie.

NOTE: other names will be accepted as write-ins, but you still must submit a vote for one of these four. And again, vote by clicking on that little "comments" button right below. Go, go, gadget democracy!!