A night on the town

I took Ella on a little outing tonight to see our friend Emily DeLoach play a short set. Her band was made up of Jason Feller, Kevin Mann, our usual road manager for Caedmon's, and Todd Bragg on a little broken down perc kit.

They did a great job and Ella was enthralled. She's used to hearing music, and to seeing her Daddy walk around playing guitar, but she's rarely seen a group of people playing together. She just stared and said "Emily... sing. Emily... sing." over and over.

I've been playing guitar for most of Emily's local shows, but I had to sit this one out, schedule-wise. It was wonderful and humbling to hear my friends not need me at all, and to just enjoy what they were creating. The sound wasn't that great and they were playing off-the-cuff and it was just fun. That's what music is about after all, isn't it?