Blades of Glory is awesome

Seriously. It was great. Nick and I watched it this afternoon cause we had a couple hours to kill.

Our flight here to Nebraska got seriously delayed yesterday and we ended up getting to the venue at 7 for a 7:30 show. A couple guys offered to sit in on drums and bass, and since I can never turn down the opportunity for a guitar solo I agreed. Well, our first rehearsal was last night's show. That, my friends, is rock and roll.

My mic cut out a couple times and our monitors were aimed Iowa, but it was fun. Here are a couple photos a kind fellow named Danny sent me...



I'm sitting here at the Foundry where we just watched one of the other bands soundcheck. Adam Weaver and the Ghosts. They seem really great, I can't wait to catch their set.

All right, it's dinner time. I'll drop in again later tonight or tomorrow.