El Weekende de Cason y Katie

One of my dearest friends, Cason, got married this weekend. It was way too big of a time to do a play-by-play, but here were a few highlights...

- After quite a long round of toasts during the Rehearsal dinner Cason got up and spoke for a few short minutes about the people in the room, love, Katie and a few other things. Some of what he said was truly amazing. I realized it was the first time I'd ever seen him formally speak in front of a crowd.

Cason's a talker, and a good one at that, but for the last ten years he's sat next to me on stage while I've talked, or Jeremy or Derek or Mat or whoever. If I'm ever accused of saying interesting or meaningful things, a huge part of those thoughts would come from conversations with Cason, and I know that's the case with all those other guys as well. It was a cool moment to see and hear him so eloquently and powerfully speak himself.

- An odd variation on the band that used to be The Normals tends to show up at the receptions of certain weddings and they (we) were there in full force last night. We call ourselves The Prenuptial Agreement. In no real order the band was: B.J. Aberle on bass, Mike Taquino on drums, Randall Goodgame on keyboards, Mark Lockett and myself on guitars, Matthew Perryman Jones, Billy Cerveny and I all singing. During "Play that Funky Music, White Boy" B.J. led us in a little breakdown where we sang the chorus of Cason's lone Normals tune, titled "King". Oh, and Matthew and I sang Bruce Cockburn's "Southland of the Heart" as the first dance.

- Kevin Twit was the officiating pastor. He walked in shortly before the ceremony and realized that he had "married" seven of nine groomsmen, Alison and me included. Standing there listening to him preach what I've heard so many times, I still found myself saying "huh" under my breath and hoping that I'd remember the wisdom and truth had just said later on.

- Katie is an event planner, and a good one. I'm a picky eater. I'm always scared when I'm hungry and I go to a formal event that dinner will be long on titles and short on actual food. Not the case. The food was fancy and cool-looking. It was also amazing and were it not for the booty-shaking of the Prenuptial Agreement I would have gained ten pounds this weekend.

- We got to spend good time with so many old friends. And so many of their new children. What a huge blessing to see friends grow older and watch families almost literally springing up in front of your eyes.

- It was great to have all five Normals together for a few brief moments. Talks of an EP surfaced again and I've already got a verse and a chorus written this morning in effort to actually make it happen.

- Jeremy Casella and I were co-best men. Four and a half years ago Cason and Mark Lockett were the same for me. I got to stand there right beside my brother Jeremy as the beautiful harmonies of Derek and Sandra sweetly singing welcomed Cason's bride down the aisle to meet him.

Overall it was just a wonderful time. We are so happy for Cason and Katie. We were so grateful for the moments we got to share with dear friends. I wish every day could be spent in the company and celebration of love and friendship and family. Soon every day will be spent like that. That's what weddings hint at after all, isn't it?