House of David

We started work today on the second of two weeks of major tracking for the new Caedmon's Call record. The first day is always spent, for a band our size anyway, just setting up gear, choosing the mics and mic placement and what equipment you run it through, all that stuff. It's fun, but in a sort of geeky way.

We're working at a place called House of David. It's got some connections to Elvis, though I'm not sure what they are. Except for the trap-door. I'm very sure about that one. Apparently Elvis used to record right down the street and that studio would often get mobbed with fans, so this place built Elvis a basement-entrance garage with a trap-door that opens up in one of the tracking rooms. This way Elvis could escape from the crowds to come in and work. That's the story anyway. I've seen the trap-door, though. It rules.

Our friend Vance is helping us set up and get stuff rolling sound-wise. He's great. He has a shaved head, a giant beard and a salt-water pool. Andy Hunt is the main engineer for this week. He just recorded and mixed the last Glen Phillips album, as well as Matthew Perryman Jones' Throwing Punches.... and a slew of other great stuff. He's hilarious and has a great ear. It's going to be a very fun week.

The biggest news, though, is that tomorrow (Friday, the 16th) Ella turns two. Years old. Birthday. Yes. I don't think she totally understands it yet, but she knows that she's cupcakes are involved. And the Happy Birthday song. And that all her grandparents will be in town. It's going to be awesome.

Here's a picture of her from yesterday. She's coloring on the left-over lyric sheets from the first Caedmon's session a couple weeks ago.