it's the heart that matters more...

Well, it’s been four shows in four days, all within a very close region. Not waking up with the baby or having to do things in the mornings has allowed me to catch up on some sleep. But I will still say that I am very tired now. The tired-on-the-inside kind.

Playing with a band wears you out, but usually I’ve got more energy at the end of a show than at the beginning, because of the audience and the volume and the fact that I share the focus with other people. Solo shows just wear me out on-the-inside. It’s just me and my guitar for an hour or so. If I stop to take a drink of water, it’s silent until I’m done. That’s not an easy thing for me.

Thankfully my friend Crystal made out to the show again tonight, three in a row, and that was SO great. She jumped in on all the Caedmon’s tunes and a few of my own. It was very nice to both have her wonderful voice, and to have a bit of a buffer. The shows have been fun. Small, but mostly the good kind of small, the kind where you are actually aware of who’s in the room and it feels like you’re all apart of something special. Many thanks to Jeff, Ben and all the rest who helped put this run together.

This weekend has given me time to read a little bit (nice), write a little bit (nicer) and to catch up on my nerd addiction Battlestar Galactica (nicest?). Say what you may, but that show rules. I’m very disturbed from the ending of the last episode. I’m now current with the show and it’s sad to think I’ll have to wait a week to watch another one. People, how did we live before TV on DVD?

Well, I have to get up at 4 to make my flight, which will feel like 3 because of Daylight Savings, so I’m going to pack up and go to bed. Thanks again to all of you who came out this weekend. Caedmon’s goes back in on Thursday so I’ll have new updates from the record soon. I'm taking tomorrow off to be with my girls. I can't wait.