still on the bus

6 PM and we're still on the bus on the way to Tampa for our 7 PM show. Somewhere in Georgia last night one of the wheels on our trailer fell off, so we had to take a number of hours getting it fixed. Tonight will be interesting.

Last night's show at the Ryman was pretty amazing. I'd say it was hands down the best performance we've ever done. There were some incredible things going on in the songwriter round. Randall Goodgame blew my mind in a Ray Charles way I've never seen him embrace before. Jill sang "The Door" and kicked it in the teeth with goodness. I played "Hold the Light" on electric and felt really great about it.

There's something about a stage like the Ryman, a place where Elvis and Johnny Cash loom large. Just being there makes you a little nervous, because it makes you want to rise to the occasion. I felt like my community rose to the occasion last night and added a tiny bit to the legacy of that place.

All right, we're almost there, about to go into over-drive getting ready to pull this show off. Thank you to everybody who came out last night and were a part of that magical night.

Charlotte's Songs:
Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates
Hold the Light

Last Night's Song:
Hold the Light