Fall cleaning

I've been uber-cleaning our basement the past week and a half or so. Early this year our drain pipes blew up in the ceiling of the basement and it has been a complete mess ever since. We had to replace almost every inch of pipe in the house and most of the stuff downstairs that didn't get ruined by water was covered in drywall dust.

Now I've finally got the time to dig into it and I'm feeling really good about it. The garage will hopefully be ping-pong ready by the weekend. That's the goal anyway.

Tonight I moved all the books, bookshelves, cd's and records into what used to be the tracking room of the studio. Now that I don't work at home that room is going to hold the "library" as well. I still have my piano, some guitars and a small ProTools rig set up, but more for demos or emergency sessions.

I rarely get a chance to listen to music. On my short drive to the studio I usually listen to NPR to hear what's going on, or I make phone calls. Coming back home the last thing I want to do is usually to hear any more music.

That said, it's been really fun to get a chance to plug in the iPod and just listen to some records. I've gone through a ton of Paul Simon, from his first solo record to his latest (which I actually think are my two favorites of his), some Peter Gabriel, early 90's R.E.M., Sixpence, "OK Computer", just good stuff.

The only two things I've listened to so far that were made since I started my career are "Surprise" by Paul Simon and the "Divine Discontent" by Sixpence. Nothing against new music, obviously, but there's SO MUCH great music that's already been made. Sometimes it's hard for me to listen to some cool new band when I know there are still a couple Who records that I haven't even heard yet.

As I was piling up my cd's next to the old 78 LPs I realized that I haven't listened to either format in a couple years. But whether it's old Van Morrison or new Arcade Fire, we all listen to music and we all will continue to. I just hope I can make music that will still be played after the iPod ends up on the shelf next to the 8-tracks and cassettes.