Hope to Make it Through

Cliff and Danielle had to head back to Houston this morning and the rest of the band and I had to do a few songs this morning at a conference. We did fine with songs for people to sing along with, but they wanted us to do a Caedmon's song at the end.

This was not a good idea.

I don't sing lead on any of "the hits" (at least, not yet) so we tried the song Hope to Carry On. Our road manager, Kevin, played acoustic and sang harmonies. I've played this song hundreds of times, however, I always sing a harmony, not the lead. After three and half minutes of me starting a verse on one part only to squirrel down to hopefully find the other we were finished and walked off the stage.

If I were to sum up my vocal performance with a familiar three-word phrase it would have to be "puberty-strewn donkey".

Also, here is Cliff juggling and eating an apple. Thoughts on the U2 church to come...