the greener grass

Well, I'm not going to lie. Today has been a considerably better day. The plumbing is all fixed (that was quick!) and the plumber was confident he could get the home warranty company to cover it, so we ended up not having to pay anything for his part. That is awesome.

I just got back from a meeting with our manager in Caedmon's, going over budgets, schedules and personnel for the recording of the new album. I'm very excited about what we're coming up with and it's going to be a fantastic process. Faithful readers of will be the first to know everything I'm allowed to tell, of course.

Got a call from Kenny today. He's feeling a lot better and Eileen knows he's there now, so he's going to get somebody to take him to see her soon. So glad to hear that. Thank you all for praying. For all of us.

I've been storing up photos like cookies in the proverbial jar above the fridge and now it's time to let them loose.

First up, here are four out of 5 of The Normals on New Years Eve. It's been a few years since this many of us have been together. Of course there was talk of more recording and a few shows. We'll see what we can do this time.

Also, Cason and our friend Will are going to be on Letterman tonight playing with Mat Kearney. Make sure you tune in and catch it.

Here I am enjoying the tour of the Ryman Auditorium the day of Andrew Peterson's Christmas show.

Here's Pappy himself, Mr. Eric Peters, enjoying the tour as well.

Mr. Caleb Chancey, photographer, took these two shots of me last week. This is the "Oh NO!! Not another singer/songwriter in front of a brick wall!!" shot.

The "Maybe they won't see me if I hide behind my sweater" shot.

My brother Rob and little Sadie, a couple weeks ago.

Ella and Alison, who is a great mom.

Ella with a crayon up her nose. Un-posed.

This and the next shot were taken back to back, also unplanned.

Think she's my kid?

Sweet little Sadie...