more randomness

Since last night's post didn't have quite enough random tidbits, I have a few more...

You know that bird that's been waking us up early every morning? Alison thinks she saw a chipmunk making the noise. In which case we need some sort of bionic cat who transforms into a shotgun. Unless, of course, the chipmunk's bleat has secured it a mate, then it will be eaten by its Sheol-spawn children.

Paul Simon's latest record, Surprise, is the best record of the year. If you haven't bought it you need to.

Who's going to love you when your looks are gone?
God will, like he waters the flowers on your windowsill...

Don Chaffer sat in on the Square Peg show last week. He's long been one of my heroes, and in the past few years, become a friend as well. That's one of the greatest honors of my life, to call a hero a friend. Here's a photo of us from last week, with Joe and Jess, who just recently moved to Nashville. They said if I posted this photo they'd buy me a drink at next week's show...

(Don't worry, I won't hold you to it, just come out to the show and tell your friends to come with you, and we'll call it even.)

On a serious note, something I've never understood, isn't pornography just prostitution in front of a camera? Someone's paying someone else for a sexual service. Why is that not illegal? The way I see it, porno is evidence.

Ella sang an actual bit of a song tonight for the first time. She sang the first three notes of that lullabye song (lullabye and good night...). It was very high and cute and made us very happy.

My sweet wife and daughter(s) excited to show you the joys of jumping on the couch.

If Allan is reading this, we're a few episodes into season two of Grey's Anatomy. Can't wait for your episodes.

Saw this article on the news today. Apparently, attacking countries because some people in them attacked ours isn't helping make people not like us. I'm no politician, but I wish fighting didn't always lead to more fighting. Somebody has to give; to apologize, admit wrongs and work on cleaning up the mess.

All right, I think that's about it for me today. I'm about to go to bed and read a bit of ridiculious science fiction.

Oh, Clay and I tore down the broken sections of our fence today, got a few post-holes dug and piled most of the old fence onto a neighbor's borrowed trailer. It started raining really hard and we had to abandon ship, but I (and hopefully Mrs. Sharp) am pleased with getting it going.

Ok, now I really am done. Thanks for reading the ramblings. Hope you're having a great weekend.