on the way home

I'm sitting here in Andrew Peterson's borrowed van, sharing a seat with my lovely bride, and we're driving home from a Caedmon's show tonight in Cleveland, TN. The illustrious wunderkind Aaron Sands filled in on bass tonight and did an examplary job. (He's let on that he reads my blog, and he's very smart and reads big books so I'm using big adjectives to impress him.)

The Office last night was great. That may have been the most awkward five minutes in a tv show ever. And I loved it.

Alison's folks are in town for the weekend and watched Ells today so Alison could come with us for this day show. Very kind of them. Tomorrow my brother-in-law, Clay, and I are going to work on fixing my fence. It's falling over in my backyard and is the bane of my sweet next-door neighbor, Mrs. Sharp.

I've been reading the Foundation novels by Isaac Asimov. Trip, who has played bass for Caedmon's a lot the past year and a half, told me to read it, and it's sort of ridiculous, but I'm enjoying it. i think its just nice to get away into another world a little bit sometimes.

Mark, our sound guy, is reading the Wikipedia entry about Cliff's dad, and it's almost entirely wrong and completely entirely hilarious. I don't understand that website at all, but it's very interesting.

Obviously, from my random paragraphs, I'm very tired. We're about a half an hour from Nashville now. That's good. Ten minutes from Nashville will be better.

Todd's driving and he just started playing the original version of "Afternoon Delight." Why does he have that song on his iPod?

All right, I'm going to post this and close my eyes for a bit. Thanks to those of you who came out to the show tonight. Hope you had a good time. Oh, Alison sang with me on Early in the Morning tonight, and she did great. Wish you could have been there. Sleep well, and have a great weekend.