I slept in today

So I’m sitting here on a very comfortable couch in the home of one of the guys who works at Everyday Joe’s, the place I played last night. This guy’s sister was on Letterman once because she could put a soda can on her head, flip it off of her head, and catch by sticking her tongue through the hole. Or something like that. She was a stupid human trick and I am jealous.

Last night was a good time. A number of people I’d met on previous trips out here came to the show. All of the lovely ladies from the band Shel were there, and it was great to see them. Ryan and his crew, who promoted my last two shows here in Fort Collins, were there as well, and we all headed out to Old Chicago (BeauJo’s was closed) and hung out for a while. Very nice time.

Everyday Joe’s is a killer venue, the people were great and the room is very well thought out. They’ve had a number of the Square Pegs out already and have a few more on the books for the future. That was fun to see.

If you’ve ever seen me live, you have probably seen me forget a few words. This past week I spent way too much time compiling all my lyrics, getting them to all be the same font and size, put all the choruses in bold and the bridges in italics and printed them all out. Now I’ve got a giant three-ring binder that is almost as distracting as it could be helpful. We’ll just have to see if I can figure out how to use it without the constant second-guessing I did last night.

Well, we’re about to head out. I’m catching a ride back to Denver to hook up with Caedmon’s for our show tonight. Mandy and Kevin Mann will be opening, which always makes me happy. If you’re in Denver come on out, and if you were at the show last night: Thanks so much!! It was wonderful to feel so welcome, and it was great to see so many familiar faces. Hope you had as good a time as I did.