I feel a bit down today. Not depressed or sad, just a bit blase. It was one of those days where I knew I had about six big things to do. Each one I could probably get done, and done well, with a solid day's work. Because I'm so smart, though, I tried to get a bit done on each one, and finished the day feeling like I'd got nothing done at all.

I was talking with an older friend a few weeks ago and he was telling me that motion is a big deal. The idea of motion. That things are moving. In a relationship or a career or even a road trip. You feel it, don't you? When it doesn't feel like anything is happening that's when you get down. It's when it's moving, somewhere, anywhere, that there's hope of it going the right place. The longer it sits without motion, the harder it is to get moving again.

I think I always get this way when I haven't played a show in a while (two whole weeks!) or had a major business breakthrough. It probably doesn't help that I spend a lot of time alone in the basement trying to make some magic happen with some strings, some wood and a few notes.

There's really no big moral here. No final deduction. Today was a day that didn't have a lot of motion to it, and since I've recently identified this need I thought I'd share.