Daddy time

Alison is spending the day at a lake a bit North of town today with some girlfriends, so Ella and I have been kicking it today, just the two of us. It's kind of weird that it's been so long since we have had a day by ourselves, especially since I'm usually gone at least a day or two every week playing shows and leave Alison and Ella by themselves.

I got really excited last night and was looking around on the internet to find something fun to do. The library had a puppet show but it looked kind of weird, and puppets may still be a bit over Ella's head.

She's taking a nap right now, by the way, which is giving me the time to write this post.

We got up, I gave her breakfast, then we went over to Paul Eckberg's studio so I could help Cason and Garett get some drum sounds. Ella loves watching me plug cables into a patch bay and she has a blast turning all the knobs (before we get started, of course). Then we went to a furniture consignment sale, which Alison and I had high hopes for (we're in need, nay "want", of a couple more baby-proof things). It was lame-o. Oh well.

We ended up coming home and played horsey and hide-and-seek and all sorts of other fun little things. And we listened to The Joshua Tree. "Train up a child..." It ended up being way more fun just playing around at home and enjoying being together. Often when I get to spend time with her I have the weight of the business or a list of to-do lists on my shoulder, and as much as I enjoy the time, it's sort of spoiled by my awareness of needing to get back to work. Today I know I won't get any work done but am just free to enjoy my daughter and who she is, and I'm loving it.

Right now, I'm going to try and take a little nap as well, though, cause, man, one-year-olds have a LOT of energy. I may need to go get a jug of sweet tea by the end of the day. Alison does this every day, while she's pregnant. She's the rock star.