town meeting

We just got back from our friends the Webbs' house tonight, where most of the Square Peg Alliance got together. We decided it was time for a "town meeting" of sorts, half to just catch up and hang out and half to figure out what is going on with the Alliance and what we want to come of it here in the future. A few plans were discussed and agreed on, doing a series of casual local shows and putting together a compilation cd being the main ones. It was a really great time to see each other and get to talk about different ways to spread each other's music and just get to make more music and spend more time together. I am truly grateful for this group of friends.

I finished up the bulk of my guitar work at Sputnik for this week today. Tomorrow I'll be writing with my old friend Marc Byrd, whose band GlassByrd I played guitar with for a while, and will then head over to Cason's to help with some production for an artist he's working with named Jonah Sage. It should be a fun day.

Kevin Lawson, whose record I'll probably finish recording on Friday, was over today and will be back tomorrow. He's a house painter by day, rock star superhero by night. But, um, these DAYS he's been painting a couple rooms for us that were in dire need of some freshening. It's amazing how such a little thing like a new color in a room can be so inspiring and spirit-lifting. Tomorrow our bedroom will go from the boring khaki it was when we moved in to a calm, peaceful blue. I won't lie. The idea of paint never really thrills me, but I'm pretty darn excited to have a "new" room.

In a completely unrelated topic, Alison and I both read this article that was linked on the ol' Drudge Report tonight, and some interesting discussion followed. The comments left under the article were as telling as the story itself. Curious as to some of your thoughts.

Well, it's past time for me to climb in bed and read (again) a couple chapters of the sixth Harry Potter book. I needed a book diet after The Brothers K. Hope you all are having a great week. I'll write again soon.