the pen is mightier

Ok, so first of all, thanks to all of you who have replied to my last two posts. I've been really encouraged and interested by the comments people have left. I'm still processing a lot of the different opinions, and they've been wonderful to be able to read. Thanks for taking the time to write and share your thoughts. And for those of you who haven't read it, just go to the last post and click on comments to see the discussion.

I've been writing like a fiend this week. I think I've written five songs in the last three or four days. It's been SO long since I've had time to write and it's like a dam has burst. Every guitar I pick up and strum seems to be playing an intro just begging for a song just begging to be discovered. It's been fun, as well, because I've been writing for a few different projects, so I've been able to bounce around a bit with styles and voices and that kind of stuff. As is usual when a flood like this happens, the songs aren't all that good. Sometimes it feels like you have to flush the pipe to clear the way for what really needs to come out. Sorry if that metaphor was a little gross. It didn't start out that way.

I actually, and this may come as a surprise, wrote the second song of my life on an electric guitar two days ago. The only other song I wrote that way was "Kara" off my Photographs record. All my rock songs were written on acoustic, piano or bass. Maybe it's not weird to you, but it was for me. And it was fun. I plan on doing it more.

Randall Goodgame and I got most of the way through a new one today, but we kind of spent too much of our time just catching up. Still, the tune will be strong, I am confident, and we had a blast.

Well, I've been getting most of this writing done late into the night and frankly, I can't stay up late again tonight, so I'm going to bed. Please continue your thoughts from the last post, and I'll try and piece together some of what's been said in a "Cliff Notes" post soon. You guys are freaking great. G'night!