oh yes

Just got back from Andrew Peterson's birthday party tonight. Had a blast. It was a no-kids party, which was really nice. Alison and I were able to actually catch up with our friends without having to constantly be on the lookout for dirt-eating, face-planting, toy-snatching and the like. It was the first time I'd seen the Casellas since their vacation to Europe and it was great to see them.

I've been working in the studio this week on my final production project for a while (whew!) and it's been going really great. Almost great enough to make me rethink selling off my studio. But not quite. Still, we've been having a blast and coming up with some really interesting and just plain fun ideas. Kevin Lawson, the artist, can freaking SING and that's a blast. Any idea you have, he just nails it. Most of the time you do four or five vocal takes trying to find one take of each line that works. He does four takes, each in a different voice or vibe, nails them all, and we just pick the one that feels best with the track. So easy. So fun. He's blogging about it on his MySpace and has a few pictures as well. Oh, and we talked Aaron Sands into playing french horn on this one. Yeah, didn't see that one coming.

Well, I'm working tomorrow on Kevin's record, then heading to Pennsylvania for a Caedmon's show on Saturday and getting home Sunday just in time to visit with my folks, who are coming down for a few days. I'll write again soon. Take care.