Potluck Blog

All I have for you today is a bunch of random stuff, but hopefully you'll enjoy them.

First off, if you enjoy reading great blogs why are you here? I mean, you should go visit the blog of Shaun Groves. He's a great writer and has some pretty interesting things to say. I've really enjoyed reading him for a while now. He's newly independent (it seems to be going around these days) and is raising money for a new website and a live cd. Even if you're not interested in helping him out, check him out for something interesting, I'm sure.

Secondly, for anybody interested in discussing 'The Morning' there is a board on caedmonscall.net devoted to it here.

Third, I'm thinking about making some t-shirts. A) would you buy one? B) what if it had the cover of the new record on it? C) what if it had a picture of a lawnmower? Discuss.

And finally...

The Top Two Comments directed towards Caedmon's Call during this past weekend's run:

1. "They do this song? I've loved this song for years!"

- said to our sound guy during a rehearsal of the song "Sing His Love" which I wrote in 2005.

2. "You guys are my favorite praise team."