the idea

So, the idea I heard was based off a rumor that Jeff Lynne used to do something wild with acoustic guitars on old Tom Petty records. We tried it and man, it worked better than I ever could have imagined.

What you do is get four or five guys to all sit around and play the song on acoustic guitars, maybe with one or two tuned differently or a high-string or 12-string in there as well. Everybody then plays the song with little dynamics, just up and down, over and over. You record it with one mic, do it two times, then put one take all the way to the left and the other all the way to the right. It just sounds huge, like the "Free Falling" wall of acoustics.

We did it today with Aaron Sands, Paul Eckburg, Kevin Lawson (the artist) and myself on a high-strung Elloree. I was so happy with it. Here's a picture...

We were all jazzed about the sound and Kevin came up to me and said "you know what's the best part?" I said "what?" He said, "that you didn't think of this in time for your record!"

That just means I'll have to make another one.