the countdown

I have to be at the bus tonight at 6 PM for a ten-show run with Caedmon's and Bebo. It's 10:30 now, and on the last day I get to be at home with my family my eye never really leaves the clock. You can put a little too much pressure on yourself if you're not careful on days like this. "Make this moment count! Make it count!" a part of you always screams. The hard part is knowing that what counts is never the moments you try to hurry up and make, it's the moments that happen while you're just being alive and living together.

My wife and daughter will be going to North Carolina to spend most of the time with Alison's family, which will be good. It helps them out a ton and lets me not worry as much, knowing they'll be with other people who love them and care about them.

This is, by far, the hardest part of this job. I can't really complain that much about what I do for a living. Most people dream of making a living with their hobbies, and most of the time, it's pretty great. The countdown day, though, this day almost makes me think about diving into a cubicle.

Like you do before any trip, I've got a list of stuff to do. Laundry. Check. Post Office. Check. Swing by the bank. Check. Take my wife out for dinner. Check. Guitars. Pedal Boards. Amp. Strings. That capo I put in my backpack accidentally. Check. Make my daughter laugh on video. Check. Import video to laptop so I can watch it when I miss her...