Lost, playing guitar, and surfing the net for Souvenirs...

I'm up a little too late, mainly because I sort of have a day off tomorrow, so I know I can take a nap when Ella does. The days of sleeping in are over for me, but naps have become WAY more awesome. I just looked at the Cardigans website and was very bummed to see they have no plans on playing in the U.S. for a long time. I've been iChatting with Brannon from Portland Studios, who did the layout for my two new releases and is finishing up a "making of" video that will be a part of "The Morning" cd. The bits I've seen so far are great.

I finished up this week's work on Jonah Werner's album today. I'll do some overdubs, guitar and bgv's, in a couple of weeks. We cut 13 songs in two and a half days, and man, we were wiped out by the end. That's a lot of songs to learn, and a lot of parts to come up with, and then play right!! It's always a workout, those marathon sessions. I know they're good for me, though. And I always love walking away from playing with a new artist and feeling like I've grown a bit as a musician because of what that person's songs required or inspired me to do.

In other news I just found out that Grassroots music has a decent pile of my "Souvenirs and Postcards" cd. I've been out of them for a while and had no plans (i.e. money) to print another batch. I'm going to try and pick those up this week so I can offer them on this site again, hopefully in time for the release of the other two records May 16. Those records are both being printed now, and my fingers are crossed that they'll make it here in time to make it to you by then. It'll cut close, but we should make it.

The biggest news, and this shows how much of a loser I am, is that Lost was freaking awesome tonight. I can't believe that a show so weird and awesome is actually successful. All the shows I love get cancelled early because only nerds like me enjoy them. I just love their creativity and willingness to just go full-on. Any theories out there? Is the blonde chick dead? How weird is the whole mental ward/Hurley thing? My theory, which I'm not sure I have stated here before, but I have held for a long time and still believe: The island houses the fountain of youth. The healings, kids getting snatched (innocence or something, still working on that...), Jack's dad walking around early first season, all the Dharma stuff about long life and geo-centric powers. I'm probably wrong, but at least I'm awesome. Good night.