Snopes doesn't seem to know

Alison and I just spent a wonderful few hours with our friends Matt and Kristen Odmark. Our neighborhood fellowship group has worked out what we call "the Matrix of Fellowship" which is an intentionally scary name but really just tells us that each week we need to try and have dinner with another family in our group. It's been a great tool for growing closer with those people you always mean to get together with. Anyway, we had a great talk (and game of marbles) over some drive-thru chik-fil-a and now we're getting to bed way too late.

My sessions at Sputnik with Jonah Werner have been going great. It's been a workout guitar-wise, but in a good way. It's always good to have to stretch and adapt to somebody else's vibe when you've been playing with the same folks for a while.

My real reason for posting, though, is to ask this question, raised by my wife this morning while it was storming:

Is it an old wives tale or is it really unsafe to shower during a thunderstorm?