and they're off!

So Alison and I spent all last evening stuffing cds into mailers and adding postage and all that jazz. We loaded up the ol' Volvo...

and this morning drove to the Post Office and sent them all off. That's every order that came in before 10 am today. The Post Office is closed Monday so you should probably start seeing them Tuesday and Wednesday. Please let me know when they get to you!

And you should also know that if you go to the Post Office with a car full of envelopes they just might let you go in the back, by the loading docks, and they just might give you your very own mail cart.

Yeah, it was pretty awesome. They let me do this because I stopped up the two outgoing mail slots inside and still had most of the envelopes left.

And in case you've thought about ordering the CD but were sort of waiting for an extra reason to make the plunge...

You could help us feed this child.

Shameless, I know... Thanks again to everybody who ordered early and who helped out along the way! I can't wait for you guys to hear it, and I really hope you like it. I'm so excited. Thanks again so much. You all have been so wonderful and supportive and I can't tell you how much that means to me. Now go and enjoy a beautiful Saturday and I'll post again soon.