on the bus...

Well, it's 3:30 Nashville time, 1:30 here in Washington state, and we are still sitting on the bus driving to the show. Something happened crossing into Washington and our buses needed some permit in the middle of the night. It took four or five hours, so we'll get to the venue just a few short hours before the show tonight. Oh well. We're all in the front of the bus watching The Incredibles right now. What a great movie.

We found out yesterday that our last two shows (of the FIVE scheduled) are cancelled. Not totally sure why, but this means we've only got three more shows on this trip. So I get to go home and see my family two days earlier, that will be all right.

Well, Gabe and I are going to go and catch up on 24 now that you can get them on the iTunes Music Store. Lost was good this week, by the way, but it looks like next week's will be amazing. I'm a nerd. Later.