from somewhere in California

Truth be told, I don't really know what city I'm in, but I DO know that I'm still in California. I'm a little sore because yesterday Cliff, Todd, Trip and I went out for a stroll, just to see what we'd find. What we did find was about ten miles of walking and absolutely nothing else interesting. In sandals. So I'm a little sore, but it was probably good for me.

Our show last night was pretty rough. The power kept dipping to the point of shutting off the sound system, which took a few minutes to start up again, and so we spent a lot of time trying to keep a show going without sound or in fear of losing it again. Our crew is pretty understaffed on this tour, unfortunately, so they had a harder day than usual. A bunch of us pitched in last night to help get stuff torn down, which I probably should be doing every night.

I bought a couple new cd's this week and I've been loving them. The self-titled album by The Fire Theft is really interesting. I guess it's two of the guys who were in Sunny Day Real Estate, which I tried but could never really get into. This record is killer, though. Really cinematic rock stuff.

The other album I got is Paul Simon's new one. Now, I've long been a huge Paul Simon fan, but this album far exceeded my expectations. Brian Eno, who co-produced Achtung, Baby and The Joshua Tree does his sonic treatments on this (he's basically the first guy to use synthesizers and computers in modern music). Tchad Blake mixed this record, as well. He mixed Peter Gabriel's "UP" record, which is my favorite sounding record ever. So I had high expectations for this Paul Simon one, and dang... Paul played all the guitars and they're so freaking cool. Steve Gadd on drums, as usual, incredible. The songs are so cool, as well. He talks a lot about little kids and international adoption and it makes me wonder if he's done that recently. Anyway, I highly recommend this album. He's got some of the songs streaming on his website right now.

Well, I'm going to go try and find a mall or something now. I think it would do me some good to get away from the venue for a little while. Hope you all are well and I'll post again soon.