Alias is still dumb

I'm trying to watch it again tonight because Will was in the commercials. He was my favorite character and it's been really stupid ever since. He wasn't in it tonight. The commercial lied. Evil. This show is just dumb. There's some gigantic, enormous, life-changing revelation about every six minutes... sort of like jr. high, but with worse acting...

In other news I've posted about twenty new tour dates, some Caedmon's, some solo. There are a few more solo shows in the works that will be up as soon as I get enough info.

I had a good writing session today with Jonathan Salas today. We wrote a pretty cool tune that I hope makes it on his record, which will come out sometime late this year, I think.

Tomorrow I'm writing with a fellow named Robby Hurd and then playing a showcase with Chris Mason for a couple labels. It's one of these really weird industry things where you play as a band with lights and sound and all that jazz for a room of about six people. Ostensibly they get to see the band in action, but it's a very different experience. At least for the artist. The Normals did one waaaaaaaay back before we were even called "The Normals". We played for two people. They didn't like us. Oh well. We were pretty awful back then, so I can't blame them.

Alison is with her girlfriends tonight and I'm at home with Ella. Later tonight I'll be heading out to see my friend and neighbor Christopher Williams play a set at the Blue Bird Cafe. I've seen movies about that place, heard of it well before I lived here, live about six minutes from it, but I've never been there before. It'll be fun.

Ok, Sydney just had a baby in about two minutes, AND it was clearly a doll. This show is so dumb. I'll write again tomorrow. Take care everybody, and thanks for the kind comments and e-mails after the lost post. You guys are the best.