Happy Easter

In trying to think of a fitting way to wish you a good day of remembering what we so easily forget, the resurrection of Jesus, I'm going to go ahead and steal something of my own from a friend's blog the other day. Here is a lyric from a song on my new album The Morning.

Whether it's the imagery of a phoenix rising, or the daily reminder in the promise of the dawn, it is obvious that our hearts long for the idea of renewal, and the truth of that is found in the life, death, resurrection and promise of Jesus. I get busy and distracted and fail to spend much time really simmering in the basics of what I actually believe. Pray for me that the truth will become more evident to me today. I will pray the same for you. Happy Easter.

New Beginning

He said, “I’m done with trying to reach the top,
the richest dead man’s still just dead,
so let’s call in sick and take a walk,
I want to fall in love with you again,
I know we can’t undo what’s done,
so let’s open our hands to forgiveness,
unlock the secrets we’ve become
and leave them all in search of
a new beginning.�

It’s been about a month since she threw him out,
he didn’t see his boys on Christmas morning,
he said, “Andy, what I can’t figure out
is how it took this long to find the voice
that didn’t have to shout with pride,
that didn’t have to wound with fear,
and Andy, if she’d take me back
I think that we could make it
with a new beginning.�

and I can feel a prayer rising,
and I don’t even know the words,
still the groaning is the postage
and it will not be returned.
though we’re living in this rubble
of our reckless plans and games
we are reaching for the promise
that we will not stay the same

I said “it’s over now, I’ve got nothing to prove�
cause I’m trying to prove that I’m all right,
here, I’m still bleeding on whites and blacks
trying to find redemption in the fog and lights,
inside her womb my baby’s dancing,
the promise of a better life,
I want to be a father full of grace,
and a loving husband to my wife

a new beginning